head honcho

head honcho
an important influential person

he thinks he's a big shot


she's a big deal in local politics


the Qaeda commander is a very big fish

Usage Domain: ↑colloquialism
Hyponyms: ↑knocker, ↑supremo

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  • head honcho — n 1. the top person in a hierarchy, the most important boss 2. See honcho I can t be bothered dealing with assist ants. Who s the head honcho around here? …   Contemporary slang

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  • head honcho — noun The person in charge; the highest ranking person in an organization. The head honcho is hard to reach because hes so busy. Syn: big cheese, big enchilada, big kahuna, bigwig, big wheel …   Wiktionary

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  • head honcho — /hɛd ˈhɒntʃoʊ/ (say hed honchoh) noun Colloquial the person with the greatest authority or power …  

  • (the) head honcho — mainly American, informal the most important person in an organization. You ll have to ask Alan, he s the head honcho in our department …   New idioms dictionary

  • honcho — hon‧cho [ˈhɒntʆəʊ ǁ ˈhɑːntʆoʊ] noun [countable] JOURNALISM someone who has the top position in an organization, or one of the top positions: • The company s new head honcho has big changes in mind. * * * honcho UK US /ˈhɒntʃəʊ/ noun [C] INFORMAL… …   Financial and business terms

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